650l jetting question. Need a little help till the edelbrock gets here.

Ok here is my situation. I have a 94 xr650l that just turned 10k miles, so I decided to tear her down and give her a little boost in the process. I am glad to report that the inside of the motor looked great (it is a honda after all). Anyways, so I ordered a wisco 10.25-1 piston (stock bore) a hotcam, new valve springs, and every thing else I needed to freshen her up. I also orderd a edelbrock carb but it is taking longer than I expected so I am riding her with the stock carb. I already had the pipe and jet kit with the air box snorkel removed. So my question is, does anyone else have a setup close to mine that can let me in on their jetting specks? I went ahead and put a 170 main in her when I put her back together. I did have the 165 that came in the dyno jet kit. She seams to run fine but I was expecting to get a little more pull out of her on top end. She dosn't motor up to 100mph like I was hoping ( I have stock gearing ). I also put a clark 4.7 gallon tank on her because I run alot of long open roads and I go though gas really quick. What kind of mileage should I expect out of that tank if I keep her wide open most of the time? I also have a xr 400 oil cooler on the way so I can keep her temp down when I ride the twistys with my friends on sport bikes. Well I know this is alot to ask all at once but any help or suggestion would be great. Thanks :naughty:

I have a 94 L also. I just bought it about 2 months ago with 6K on it. The carb mods I did were 160 main/55 Pilot, Drilled the slide, K/N and cut the air-fuel mixture tab off. 2 1/2 turns out on the mixture screw I believe. I didnt remove the snorkel. I got a Clarke 4.7 also and I get 33 mpg. Thats 150 miles to a tank and that is IT!!!!! Pretty much dry at that point. Im running 14/47 gearing. If your running a 170 main, I would look for less MPG. I mite do the oil cooler also but right now its running pretty good.

Did you really need the piston and cam??? 10k seems a little early for a tear down. I dont know, maybe its just me but I better get more miles out of the bike than that before I have to do anything.

Sir Hayden

94 L

The only reason I put the piston and cam in was because I ride with a friend of mine that has a ktm lc4 and he would always pull me in the sraight's and I would have to ride my ass off in the turns to catch him and pass him just so he could motor past in the sraights again. The motor looked perfect and ran perfect when I tore it down so you shouldn't have anything to worry about for a long time as long as you change your oil and keep the filter nice and clean.

speaking of mileage what is normal? I can go for about 80-90 miles and then take on 1.5 gallons (bike is new 2005 and completely stock)

I think normal is different if your uncorked or not. You can do a search for mileage and get many answers as for me its about 30-32 on pretty hard riding. I'm uncorked, e-series pipe, snorkel removed 160,58 kehein jets, carb slide drilled, a big terrorflex and minus smog stuff. Its not uncommon for me and my stock tank to not make 80 miles before I'm pushing, and its happened. For my next trick I'm going to put a bigger tank on it, just not sure which on yet. Happy riding guys.

speaking of mileage what is normal? I can go for about 80-90 miles and then take on 1.5 gallons (bike is new 2005 and completely stock)

That is pretty good. About 50 is normal, back and forth to work and hitting the trails i get about 40-45. Best ever was 55

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