my dad has a 2003 xr650l and he wants to mod it. what are the BEST choices when it comes to exhaust, jetting, tires, etc. he just wants to make this thing a little nastier in the dirt, but also able to ride on the street.


White bro e-series exhaust , Edelbrock carb, or Dynojet kit,(uncork it) K+N filter (remove the snorkel) Avon tires or (street) Pirelli's are good. Also switch to a NGK Iridium IX spark plug. That's about it in my humble opinion. :naughty:

Keihin jets and shimming the needle work better than the dynojet kit.

I've done both.

Don't forget to drill the slide!


Also getting rid of that heavy little metal tank and replacing it with a lighter plastic tank is a verygood and very much worth it mod. :naughty: I would recommend the clarke but i heard the ims is good too. :naughty:

we just ordered a white brother e2 silencer for the xr650l and i need to know what to do for jetting. i dont know if it matters but we already took off the smog box. i was thinking a larger pilot and main. please help im clueless about this bike

If he doesn't want to replace the CV carburetor (going to a pumper like the edelbrock is a huge difference) then he can fix the carburetor by fallowing this link:XR65L CV Carburetor Fix CLICK HERE: :) Adjust the valves get a UNI air filter. Any header/muffler will help.

Have him get a Tera Flex, it DOT (for the street also) and the biggest nastiest tire he can put on the bike.

All about the XR650R


where can i get an edelbrock carb for the cheapest price. is it pretty much just a bolt on? do i need to make any other modifications to the bike after putting on the edelbrock?

If you get an aftermarket tank, which you should really think about, get the natural color. You can see the fuel level and it matches the white number plates really good. It kinda breaks up all the red.

HPIM1486.jpg That is what mine looks like. I was kinda worried about it matching up but was really happy with it when it was on the bike. I also removed the snorkel and the smog along with rejeting and a Uni filter.

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