Question on installing piston rings-which is which

I'm rebuilding my 92 XR600R and am trying to put in the new rings. The online shop manual I'm using isn't specific enough on the two compression rings. One is black with a rectangular cross-section, marked 1N 50. The other one has a bronze like appearance, and is bevelled on the inside edge. it is marked N50. Which ring is the top ring, or does it matter?


IMO the bronze looking one is the top ring, Its a coating of some type..

The second ring is just cast iron.........

I dont know sorry, but from my car engine building experience I can advise you keep the notches 180 degrees apart on piston. Check your manual.

Take a look at the grooves on the piston. You should be able to see which ring matches up. Typically the one that is 'triangular' in cross section is known as a Dyke's ring and is the uppermost ring on the piston. The beveled surface faces up.

Hope this helps.

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