Oil/water/milky stuff coming from hose

Oil/water/milky stuff coming from hose, that runs up to valve cover. Is this normal?

OK if it is small amounts :naughty: Condensation and oil mixing together. Make sure your oil is not milky. :naughty:

Usually means a little water got up your vent hose while washing or riding through water. No big deal. since its really difficult for water to get all the way up the hose.

Thanks boy's, we love this sight.

You have to be carefull with the '05 model WR's when washing or doing deep crossings. With the way the vent tube is routed to the airbox, Yamaha didn't take into consideration that water may run down into the tube if much gets in the airbox.

When you wash your bike you may get some water in the air box and if you don't drain it before you start it the vent tube will suck the water into the crank case and contaminate the oil. the opening for the vent tube is right at the bottom of the air box so if much water gets in there during washing it will just fill up the lower part of the tube. You need to pull both the tube and the drain plug next to it to get the water out.

I just made a part for my buddy's '05 to eliminate this problem. :naughty: I'll try to get some pics up soon.



I have an 05 WR and the water got into the engine after washing it. I just try to avoid using too much water over the seat and air box when washing it. I haven't had problems with stream crossings(yet). Just changed the oil a couple of times to clean it all out and you should be good to go.

Hey Lowedog! Glad you're still in on the continuing development of the '05 WR. I haven't submarined my '05 yet, but it did occur to me that water in the airbox would definitely be a bad deal. I'll keep trolling this forum to see your mod.

Lowedog is still at it!!!! :D We installed the breather hose elbow that he made for my 2005 WR450 yesterday. It is a simple mod, but makes a world of difference. I have gotten water in my oil twice just after a light washings. After we installed the elbow in the air box with a little silicon, I gave the bike a nice thorough wash and viola problem solved!!!! Thanks again MarK :naughty::naughty:

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