good sand tires

I recently purchaced a 96 XR600R. This bike still had the original tires. The front still had the mold marks and the rear just had the edges wore. Either way, I'm going to need a DOT tires so I can run all the firelanes here in Michigan. Lots of soft sand on many of the trails. Looked in the search for tires but didn't see any mention of the Pirelli MT44 front. Chaparral shows the front as a DOT legal tire. As for the rear tire, any suggestions?


Most of the pirelli fronts are DOT.


What dave said and I really like my Maxxis Maxxcross IT. 2nd one I've put on and it holds up on the street nicely. Plus it just HOOKS. For the sand, a dunlop 756 can't be beat. Wears to fast though.

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