Resonable price on stock exhaust

what is a resonable price for a 03-05 yz450f exhaust. Most people want them for 75-100+! is this really what there worth?? i mean i can only get like 45 for my stock 250f exhaust.

Like anything else, they're worth what people will pay for them. Most used stuff starts out rule of thumb at half the retail price. A YZ450 header is $220, and the muffler is $435, or so. Based on that, it's not unreasonable to ask $110 and $215 for them. Of course, you may not get a buyer at that price, and your response would be what any business would do; lower the price.

BTW, if you're looking for a YZ450 Muffler, I have This One

$125- Make an offer :naughty:

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