Another quick fuel screw question...

Hey guys. My 03 wr450f started to bog out and run like crap and even quit running a few times when I hit big dips in the trails or big logs. It would just flat fall on its face. I know the fuel screw thing has been talked about alot and seaching gave me too much info. Last year I moved my needle up I think and did the pilot jet mod, and adjusted my fuel screw to the bike and has ran great up till sunday, and yes it ran great all last summer. This was the first ride I have rode with it that has been above 70 degrees this year. tonight when I went to start it it would not start unless i pulled the hot start in. This told me the carb wasn't getting enough air to the fuel mixture to start because kicking it with the choke on made it hit once then die. Anyways, i took my air filter off and the bike started great. I put the filter back on with it running and I rode it around the yard with no problems. Anyways, I have a hare scrambles sunday then loretta lynns gncc the next weekend and I need to make sure i think the fule screw is the problem. What do you guys think and if that is now enough info i;ll get more to ya. Also I am at 300ft in southern indiana. Thanks a bunch fella's

Also, I think the pilot screw is what I am talking about, the one in the float bowl drain that takes a cut off screw driver. and also the bike seemed to us more gas than it sould have sunday

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