400 Throttle Setup

I have a 00' WR400F and I'm wondering if anyone knows if the throttle setup on the YZ and the WR are compatible because I've been told that the WR has a throttle stop that restricts travel to half-throttle.

I'm not the best one to answer this for you, but the throttle stop in the late WR's isn't located in the throttle. It's in the carb. For a rundown of this modification on a WR250F, Click Here

I would have thought that a '00 model would be a WR426, but I could have missed something. The reason for the stop was to help get past noise rules by not allowing the bike to reach full throttle. It wasn't my idea.

Maybe this will help you. If not, at least it's a legit looking bump until help arrives. :naughty:

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