Cheap muffler mod for Aussie,Canadian and Euro 03/04 model WR450

Here is a link to a series of pictures and descriptions, of a cheap and simple mod I did to my Aussie 04 WR450's muffler. It has made the bike more responsive, more powerful and sounds great. :naughty:

I also believe that it is applicable to the Canadian and Euro models as well. :naughty:

Aussie 04 WR450 muffler mod

I guess my motivation for doing the mod myself was cost. Mine would cost about $20, as opposed to "from $250" at MCperformance.

kool man,

if we can make it removable it would be even better,

we remove it when we reach the actual riding area which could be some 30to40km from where we live.


I made a new baffle for mine went with a 1" pipe keep all other dimension the same, work real nice better mid and top without it being to loud

Canadian 2004 pipes don't look like that. they have a real ens cap and insert.

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