Tank info

Hey guys,

I found this picture somewhere and I like the tank. As per the sticker it looks like IMS, does anybody have any info, size, model ?



Not shure if the picture will come out first time submitting pic

denro, that is a red IMS 4.6 tank. I have a new one for sale too. retail is $250 but I will take $200 shipped to you within the USA. :naughty:

You always get good answers and help here at TT :naughty:

And sometimes an offer ya cant refuse !!! :naughty:

I posted a while back about Acerbis fork guards and a TT member offeded them to me for cheap. I bought them from him and since have bought SRC fork brace, upper fork guards, seal savers, skid plate and a Clarke tank (in next week or 2)...all for like half price in very mint condition.


No offense to Rudy but you can get a Clarke 4.3 for $170 shipped to your door. IMO, it has a better fit, finish, and color match.

I found a used Clarke for 100$........ :D great shape, Red matches :D

And it fits great even with my new Edelbrock....... :naughty::naughty::D

yes, clarke tanks are less expensive for some reason. both tanks work great too. it all depends on a personal choice. I like the IMS but I'm sure the clarke is just as good. :naughty:

xrs only have ims tanks

just go to ims direct ,no shipping charge for me just picked up 3.2 and love it !!!!!

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