changing out tires

whats the best set up for changing out tires,besides going to the dealer.

I am looking for a Good quality kit and info on how to do it correctly.

I haven't had a flat yet on the WR but I know Ill be stuck somewhere wishing

I hadn't. The last tire I changed had steel wheels, so its been awhile...

Changing tires is a learned procedure...I got pretty good after the first 100 or so. I don't do tires on the trail. Flats can be mostly prevented by using slime or some such stuff in the tubes or thick tubes & using appropriate air pressure for the conditions. I would strongly recommend finding someone to walk you through the procedure on both wheels so you have working knowledge rather than print or video exposure. Here's what I use:

1. Two long curved tire irons

2. Yamaha, Camel or Petrochem tire mount lube (dish detergent in a pinch)

3. Mechanix Gloves

4. Skabs No Glue Patchkit

5. CO2 inflator and spare cartridges

I do carry shorty tire irons, Skabs and the CO2 stuff on long rides, but try to make it back to camp for the repair. Good Luck!

Just changed my tires and tubes last night on the 05 Wr450. I have always had the dealer do it, but in the long run it will save you tons of money to do it yourself. I still suck at it (changed 3 or 4 times) but it gets easier every time.

1) Get yourself some good tire irons (buy the expensive set), I have 1 small, 1 medium, 1 really long (came in a set from moto parts store)

2) Get baby powder for sliding in tube in tire and to smell good :naughty:

3) Have a friend help you hold that baby down while you struggle and curse to get that new tire on the rim.

heres a good quick step by step:

Buy the heavy duty tubes, new bikes come with the cheap thin ones, hence changing mine out, alot less likely to get a flat with those in, so well worth the extra 10 bucks.

I usually ride on the flat back to the truck if I get a flat, those rim-locks allow you to do that. I would only carry a kit if I was doing a really long ride in very rocky terrain.

Hope this helps :naughty:

Get someone experienced at doing it with tire bars to show you. It is very simple but there is sooooo many little tricks an experienced buddy will tell is well worth it.

I use medium bars, gallons of dish soap (barely exagerating), very long nose tweezers to put the valve stem in its whole when I remount and that's about it. You will need a little tool to remove the valve from the valve stem (it's easier to remove the tube if you previously removed the valve completely so it can empty completely)

HTH and good luck.

I am shocked that you guys frogot the most important thing. Beer and Bandaids. I cut myself many times as I was learning to change tires. The beer helps to foirget the experience.

Along with what the others mentioned I would also suggest making up a container of hot , soapy water. This makes the tire slide on easier. Avoid changine a cold tire. They are much easier to deal with when warm.

Michelins are a difficult tire to change. At first try to change any other brand.

Always put a little air in the tube before you put it into the tire, and pour lots of baby powder or talcum powder on the insde of the tire and the innertube before you mount to the rim :naughty:

Just changed my tires and tubes last night on the 05 Wr450. I have always had the dealer do it, but in the long run it will save you tons of money to do it yourself.

The dealer I buy my tires off of will mount them for free .I just bring in the rim. :naughty:

Next time you buy tires ask them if they will mount them for free. Tell them another dealer will and you may take your money there.

Around here, nothin's for free, you have a great deal there, always good to know how to do it yourself though, kanoligize is power! :naughty:

Look, buy yourself 2 good long straight tire irons and one long curved one. Lean to change them on your own and you will save a ton of money and time. Sure, at first you will look like a monkey trying to screw a football but you'll get the hang of it. Ask someone you know to help you out the first time around. You'll be doing them in minutes in no time!!! ISDE here you come!!!

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