Throttle Cam System

T.C.S. Throttle Cam System - Has anyone ever use one or seen one inaction? It looks like it would be an easy way to control the throttle. From MX to Trails and not having to swop out a flywheel I am in need a of a new throttle tube and just thinking it may be an option

To bad yamaha didnt go for that solution instead of pussifying the 05.

I like the system I use. My right hand is directly wired to my brain, which takes input from...let's say, elsewhere on my body and uses the info to control the throttle. :naughty:

I have to agree with greyman , my right hand seems to do the trick OK. :naughty:

I also prefer the grayracer method.

Kinda seems like...a joke?...I mean rider skill involves throttle control...this is kinda like when NASA got the government to fund millions of $ to develop a pen that would write in gravity-less atmospheres (space) and the russians already had the solution- they used pencils... :naughty:

I have a short gas tube on mine. It´s not adjustable but i like when there is a short distance from no go to full go..

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