apparently it's due into production in europe in the autumn next year. it IS aimed at enduro riders after all & the bike is expected to come out with the 2002 model range.

the bike is said to have 'significant advantages in an enduro setting' according to a Yamaha Europe spokesman.


Are you referring to the hydraulic operated front wheel? That is just too cool.

Can you say retrofit? :)


don't know about retro fitment.

i would think there will be a huge amount of part changes & not worth your time.


I think I have enough maintenance to do on my bike as it is. I will pass on the 2TRAC.

Now where would we be today if we said, nah it's not worth the effort to...

2 wheel drive sounds awesome. Hillclimbs, mudholes, sand--having that front end pulling (presumably10-20% of the power of the rear wheel)--WOULD BE GREAT!!!

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