XR600 "lowboy" footpegs?

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a lowboy footpeg? A Buddy of mine is 6' 5" and wants/needs a little more room so that he doesn't have to hunch over so much when he stands. He already got the bar risers and is using the 2nd tallest bar he could find, that has helped some but it would be nice to get another inch or so...just like she asks for :naughty:


Another option os to use a set of low-rise ATV bars. Those are usually pretty tall.

Other than that, I'm 6'4" with an unknown bend set of Pro Tapers and I have to hunch over too.


hmm, thanks. It really surprises me that nobody make any for the XR's.

I'm 6'5" and I have my 650r setup to wear I don't have to hunch over! I used to have some pro tapers and I had a set or risers made for me buy a machinist I know. That's what you should do. I now run the Fassst bars with the high bend and the shims in them to get them up as high as possible. I wouldn't go with lower pegs for clearance issues. I also have a GUTS tall seat foam which made a world of difference. Good luck!

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