New '00 YZ426, Ready for first oil change, have a few questions...

I'm new here and this is my first fourstroke. I have read the pleathera of info on here and other sites about oil types, and performing changes. But I'm still unsure about a couple of pretty basic things, before I do it tomorrow. From what I understand the '00 426 comes stock with a reusable screen filter, as opposed to the paper one? Is this accurate? If it is a paper filter, is it imperitive to replace it every time? To access the filter element, does the header need to be removed? Any other suggestions or tips to keep my beast running strong would be great. :naughty: Thanks!

Change it to a scotts filter, its made of stainless steel, completely reuseable so it can be cleaned everytime you change the oil, header does not need to come off, change oil very often it works very hard for you..CURTAINS23

Sounds good, I'll pick up the scotts. Maybe two so I can have one prepped for every new change. I plan on the usual 5 ride intervals for changes. Going to try out the Yamalube this time.

They ain't cheap 50 - 60 dollars, and you only need one, I use motul V300 sport and its excellent but I don't know if its available over there...CURTAINS23

-The stock header may need to be loosened and moved slightly to reach the top bolt on the filter cover cap, but most aftermarket headers dont.

-You can reuse the stock filter a few times... I usually clean it every other oil change and replace it every 6th change or so.

-oil capacity without replacing the filter is 1500cc's, 1600cc's with filter change

-there are 2 drain bolts. One on the bottom of the motor and on on the front of the frame. Be sure to have something ready to catch oil from the frame drain as it will shoot out of there at a high rate.

-change often.

Guys, thanks for the help. Did the change Saturday night and everything was pretty smooth/easy. The header definitely had to be taken off so I could get to the top bolt of the filter cover. Unfortunately that also meant the radiator on that side had to come off too (didn't have a long enough Allen wrench to get the header off), but that was fine because it gave me a chance to flush and add new coolant. Good thing I did the coolant too because upon draining I discovered to pieces of melted plastic inside the radiator? I couldn't pick up the SCOTT'S filter, so I just got a new stock one, and I filled the oil with Yamalube 4. I didn't do anything with the screen filter in the frame. I also changed my plug to a CR8EK, which I read on here was better because of the two electrodes. When I was done putting it all back together, it started on the first kick :naughty: I rode for a couple hours yesterday and everything was smooth as could be.

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