Chain Tension on a 426

What is the correct way to set the proper chain tension on my 01 426? I set it with two fingers on top of the swingarm but when I do that it makes a poping noise when getting on the power in first or second. I think the noise is the chain slapping the swingarm. When I adjust the slack out enough for the noise to stop then the chain is pretty tight towards the bottom of the suspension stroke. What is the right way?

I like to have 3 fingers slack in the chain right behind the guide. How old is your chain+Sprockets? If they are worn, the chain will chatter more. I found a big difference when I went to an o-ring chain, there was alot less chain noise.

I believe the spec is 1 5/8" or 1 3/4" with the wheel hanging free. It's important to set it while it's on a stand, because the spec takes into account the slack taken up by the lower roller.

Chain slap at low RPM is pretty normal.

The chain, front sprocket, and rear sprocket all only have approx 10 hours on them. I replaced them all as a set.

2-3 fingers at the last bolt on the chain slide. That is where you measure it. I usually set it about 2.5, just where I cannot get the 3rd finger under there.

I would defiantly agree with the O-Ring Chain being much quieter !!

Its gonna slap in the lower gears even when adjusted right. Keep an eye on the guides to make sure its not wearing through. Motoman has a pretty good article on it on his web site @

An O Ring Chain worked better for me.

doesnt the shop manual say 1.7-2.0 inches of play ?

sorry... 1.6-2.0 inches of play per the manual

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