Maxxix Dualmaxx tires. Anyone tried them?

Just curious if any dual sported WR pilots have experimented with these tires. I keep hearing good things about Maxxis tires, yet I haven't heard much on these babies. I'm always looking for better tires. (right Indy.) :naughty:

I use the Maxxis IT tires on the street and they wear like iron.

Good thing to they were the worst tires I ever changed.

I am a big fan of the Tera-Flex dual sport rear tire. But I dont recommend it for Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan riding. The trails up there have good traction and very few nasty rock and root sections like they have down South. I would stick with the Michelin Baja rear tire for that sandy soil type riding and use a Pirelli MT18 front! :naughty:

MIC_04_BAJ_REA.JPGPirelli MT18pirmt18f.jpg

My Maxxis Dualmaxx's wore out very quickly... Pirelli MT 21's are way better for dual sporting. Their MT 18 really is great for the front and also very durable.

I have tried the Pirelli MT21s already when I had my 426. I thought they were good tires, but the pavement wore them fast. The tires were shot after about a 1,000 miles. (I should clarify, shot for me, not necessarily useless, just too dull for my liking)

I've been very happy with the Baja rear tire. I have over 800 miles on it, (a lot of pavement riding) and the knobs are just now starting to dull slightly. They are a good dual sport tire, just a little wobbly at highway speeds. I'm just always looking for better, trial and error with much less error. :naughty:

P.S. I have a set of Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tires with about 600 miles on them. I would sell the set for $50. They are great street tires, but loose off road. Pm me if anyone wants em.

When I ran the Baja rear it helps to run 30 psi for long high speed road trips. Increased stability! :naughty:

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