Can an Old man handle a WR400

I am seriously considering buying a used 99 WR400. I am 47 years old and currently ride a XR250 and want to get a 400. I am just an average rider and don't have a lot of upper body strength due to an illness. I am 6'3" and 215lbs. I mostly do trail riding and try to keep up with my 16 and 13 year old sons on their 2 stroke KX's (100 & 125). I also want to do some serious trail riding in the Sierras with some friends.

I am stuck between a XR 400 and a WR400.

IS a WR400 just too much bike for a average joe like me? Would I be better off with a more tame XR400? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.



well.. old is a state of mind. :) I'm just creeping up on the big 4-0 and the WR feels perfect. well, 'cept for the rock hard seat. :D I think that the big 4-stroke is the way to go as you can just cruise it if you want and still make great time.

Roger: The XR or WR would both be good choices. I'm also 47, 5'10" and 165lbs. and have no trouble handling my YZ426 on a motocross track. I only go as fast as I feel safe doing. You can ALWAYS choose to use as much or as less throttle as you feel comfortable with. Personally, the extra muscle of the WR can help you get out of trouble just as quickly as it can get you into it. If you do your own maintenance, then the XR might be a better choice since valve adjustment is MUCH easier than the WR. The XR is considered to be more of a play than the seriously competitive WR. I suppose that if I were you, I'd probably opt for the milder XR since you intend to ride at a leisurely pace and I would assume that you could get an XR for much less money. There are aftermarket suspension and engine mods for the XR if you need to tailor it more to your weight and ability.


The XR will give you a softer ride and is a simpler air cooled and low maintenance bike. Easier to steer in tighter trails.

The WR fits bigger and faster riders best. It is better in wide open spaces. Water cooled, higher tech, and better for stand-up riding.


--> Riding with the kids: XR

--> Serious riding with friends: either


my 2 cents..



I am opposite of you but i think it kind of evens out. I am 15 years old and a bought a 2000 WR 400 three days ago. I was really concerned if i could handle it. I finally decided to buy the darn thing. To my surprise it is the most comfortable feeling bike that i have been on as far as handling. Once you take the thing off road it rides more beautiful than anyone could possibly imagine. It is not too much for you at all. You only have to use as much power as you want. I felt exactly the same way as you. JUST BUY IT you will be extremely happy with your decision. I know I am.

I repeat IT IS NOT TOO MUCH. you will thank yourself for buying this bike.

The only complaint I have is starting the darn thing. I am still learning the 4 stroke starting procedure cause I have flooded it 3 times but once it gets goin' it purrs like a kitten.

Hope this helped



I'm back in the saddle of my 99 WR after back surgery 5 months ago. I can say the WR is a pretty good bike for just cruising around. I'm taking it pretty easy that this point and love the fact that I don't have to ride hard to go fast. I can walk up steep hills with the power and lug out of corners without a lot of shifting. I rode an XR 400 for a while and liked the bike however; the WR is soooooo much better. I don't think the XR 400 is any easier in tight woods. The XR 250 however; is much easier in the woods. You just have to flog the heck out of it to go faster. By the WR. You won't regret it.


I'm 48 and havin a ball ridin my WR!!The Honda is much more mellow, but it is always nice to have the WR power on tap for when ya want a rush!!! Enjoy.....



Roger, surprise!...more WR testimony here. You'll do fine w/the wonderful WR! I'm 47, 5'11", 150 lbs & have never felt like I can't control the bike. Having come off a KTM300EXC, my riding buddies say I appear more stable than ever. As others have indicated, the power is there for you but it's very manageable (all in the wrist, right?). It's a tall bike but I find it does well for me in the tight areas at slow speeds and REALLY does well/very stable in the wide open. My younger moto-x buddies have taken a real liking to the bike & even one 18 yr old freestyler friend rode a 4th gear wheelie a city-block long yesterday & had a blast! You won't regret the WR. Ride safely whatever u choose. bobwombat

I would get the WR.

But hey, I'm biased :D

Seriously, I don't think the XR4 is that great of a step up from the wonderful little XR250 you have today. More torque, but that's about it.

If you test rode the XR4 and the WR back to back, I think it will something along the lines of Mustand v-6 vs. Mustang Cobra. Or maybe more like Toyota Camry 4 cyl vs. BMW M5. Both are good in their own right, but the WR is just that much better.

BTW, WR400_Jay on this site is selling his his extremely clean and well-kept '00WR for a great price. It has all the cool goodies-YZ tank/seat, two pipes, and much more. Check down a few listings from him for his phone number and talk to him. Either that or by my '00 and I'll buy Jay's! :)

Hi Roger,

I'm 43, 5'9" (and shrinking), 140 lbs. I upgraded from my XR4 to the WR4 about 1 year ago, and I've never looked back. The WR has much better throttle response, power, handling, and suspension. It's easier to ride, and a lot more fun too. On the negative, it's a little too tall for me in tight stuff, and it dies easily at low RPM. So now I slip the clutch, but am thinking of adding a flywheel weight as well. I highly recommend the WR. :)

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