Setting sag......

I weigh 250 :naughty: , and according to race techs web site.. the proper spring for my 03' wr450 is a 5.8 . when i set my sag at 100mm , i'm getting 0 free sag :D .

should i try and run it...or go with a heavier spring yet ?? :naughty:

Go to the heavier spring, you'll be much happier...

Hmmmmmm...better yet, lose about 50 lbs. lol.

back the rebond off two or more turns

I have the same problem. Race Tech sold me a spring for my weight that after I set the sag there was no free sag. And YES, I feel I need a heavier spring. They did me right on the fork springs, but the bike feels unbalanced, rear end feels softer than the front. I am going up .2kg in the rear above their calculations. Here goes a brank new spring on Evil-Bay.

The only bandaid I had was to "temporarily" increase my compression damper to help out on the jump faces. And it did help, but it's not the right way to do it. It just causes problems elsewhere on the track.

Good luck

I'll take the 5.8Kg if your interested in getting rid of it. PM me if you want to. :naughty:


If your gonna get rid of your 5.8 I suspect you're gonna need a 6.0. Guess what brand new Race Tech spring I have and am too big for (shhhh..) I know I need to go on a diet :naughty: it's called the weight watchers WR450 plan :naughty:

cork44 buys your 5.8

you get my 6.0

and I buy a 6.2

and somewhere I sell my 5.4? stock spring

PM me if you're interested.

My wife works at the local dealer, so i'm just going to have her get me a 6.0 , and i'll keep the 5.8 , in case i lose some lbs. thanks for the offer guys .

Hmmmmmm...better yet, lose about 50 lbs. lol.

Agreed!!! :naughty::naughty::D

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