Whats it worth 03 YZ450?

I'm selling an 03 YZ450 that has low hours and in very good condition.

I was wondering what they are going for.

Just checked some online classifieds and found several in SoCal ranging from $3750 to $4500, most around $4300, asking prices. They don't sell really fast, though, so the price doesn't always hold up. The same site showed 2 in Jersey for $3500 and $3600.

I'm worse in person.
Oh, now that's comforting. :naughty:

I will say $3300-3800


going up to see Carl and get a new YZ??

No I bought an 05 YZF250 and have been having fun on that thing.

I never ride the 450 anymore and Flying Geetars needs a new bike to ruin.

I just bought one for 4100, it came with a few cool things though


I just bought mine last month for 3500 and its in fabulous shape.

I picked up an '03 in super condition last November for $3500. I'd say that is about average for that vintage.

I'm in Idaho and I just bought one 2 weeks ago with pro taper bars and upper clamp. The bike is in awesome shape, got it for $3200 cash.

Depends on the condition, but it'd better be perfect to spend over $4k.

I'll buy it right now for $500! :)

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