leaky seal

i posted this in the general forum also but anyways here is my dilema. the output shaft on my bike has been leaking oil ever since i bought the bike but i never got around to figuring out where the oil leak was coming from until today (thought maybe it was the shifter, output shaft, or that oil line.) anyways today i determined it was the output shaft and i was wondering if you can use the same trick for the fork seals with the film on this output shaft???

Well, you could try it, but don't expect much. Usually, the seal needs to be changed.

It should have a sheet metal dust shield over it, just behind the front sprocket. I've seen these left off for whatever reason, but if it isn't there, you should buy another one.

The output, or countershaft, seal rides on a removable steel collar that slides onto the shaft. Check the collar for a groove worn into it by the seal. If it has a noticeable groove, like one that you can feel easily with you fingernail, you should change the collar, too. The groove will "trap" the lip of the new seal and keep it from sealing right.

If the collar needs replacement, there is a thin O-ring on the output shaft that keeps oil from leaking between the shaft and the collar. Dig it out of place with a small pick and replace it too. If the collar is OK, you can just leave it in place and not bother with the O-ring, unless it looks like it was leaking too.

well the dust gaurd was on.. had to take that off to figure out where the leak was coming from.. when i did the fork seal trick i just used some paper stickys and they worked just fine but i cant get them in there on the countershaft. i still have yet to try film

wouldnt surprise me at all if it is missing that washer.. i bought the bike brand new but had to replace the clutch side case half the second day i had the bke and when i got it back there was all kinds of nuts and bolts missing or just started in the threads... noticed the oil leak about a week later and my dealership said i was off warranty and they had my bike for over 3 weeks waiting on the case which was on backorder. so my thirty day warranty was more of 3 day warranty.

i got some replys in the general forum and some guys say i might be able to replace the seal w/out splitting the cases, is this so???


dont mean to hijack your thread, but hit me up and let me know if your "buddy" is interested in a solid 426.

dont worry about it man, i was waiting for you to reply in your thread.. dunno how i missed it.. that close to fargo is a good deal... i'll most likely see him this weeked and see if he's still intereste.. i'll pm you with my email address so you can send me some pics


it is no problem to change the seal. Pull everything down in front of the seal, pull the collar out and then use a screwdriver to annul the seal. Take care that you don´t destroy the case surface under the seal with the screwdriver. Buy a new seal and push it in. Clean and check the surface of the collar and replace it when it is worn out like grayracer described. When you change the collar don´t forget to change the o-ring also.

good luck, it´s really easy. :naughty:


Good info guys...

i got some replys in the general forum and some guys say i might be able to replace the seal w/out splitting the cases, is this so???
It's a 20 minute job. Follow mj's guide.

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