xr 650l started ticking then died

Ihave an 01 xr650l with 7500 miles on it. Was riding for a few hours, Noticed the bike started ticking, then it lost power and quit. It would restart, run for a bit then quit. The bike had oil. I ate lunch and let it cool down(it didn't seem overly hot) After lunch ,no ticking, ran fine till it got hot, same deal.

Spark plug looked fine, Checked the valve clearance, fine. Changed the oil and filter, dirty but fine.

Now it starts fine and runs ok( I've only ridden in the neighborhood) but as it gets warm I'm hearing a tick and I don't have much faith in our local dealership. Any help, much thanks... Alex :naughty:

Are the valves adjusted properly? Is the intake manifold still sealed properly -- (leaning out?)

Often an exhaust leak will cause a ticking sound. Exhaust leaks can lead to burnt valves.

Had the same problem last weekend riding out in Borrego Springs. It was 100+ the bike started ticking when real hot.Turned out to be the smog block off kit, in the front of the head. Bolts come a little loose. Well I hope that was the problem :naughty: John

or worst case scenario the oil pump is going.... they will often make a ticking sound cold and then go away when warmed up

Thanks Bros, I checked everything except the oil pump. The weird thing is it does not tick until it gets warm. I'm looking into the oil pump. seeyabye, Alex

You may want to check your automatic compression release. It may be sticking when hot, and keeping your exhaust valves open. I've heard of it, but have never experienced it first-hand.

Thanks Sean! I'm workin the pit's out in California for the AMA superbikes this weekend but I'm lookin into that as soon as I get back!! One other thing someone mentioned is the oil screen. Does anybody Know where that beeeotch is??! Thanks again brothers.


P.S. Sick van jump. Is that an E onefivezero?

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