Rekluse Carbide balls

So.. Whats the skinny on these puppies? Is it a way to fine tune your clutch engagement or does it just apply more clamping force to the clutch. How many do you install in the clutch and where do you get them?

Nothing like a post that's all questions !



I went with 5 balls. I have heard of some using 10 carbide balls. It helps the clutch engage at lower rpm and also engage with more pressure at lower rpm. The engagement at higher rpms does not change. You can mark the spot the balls are in and you need to choose a number that divides 30 spots into equal quadrants like 3 , 5, 6, 10, 15 or 30. It is easy to change the steel ones for TC balls and adjust your engagement ( feathering ) :naughty:

Thanks Indy! That was just the info I was looking for :naughty: I was wondering if I should try them or not and wasn't sure how they would change the engagement. I'm still fine tuning the Rekluse in my '04 WR 450.

I would buy 5 TC balls and try them. It is the best set up for the WR. :naughty:

Does Rekluse sell them? I thought I read that Rekluse didnt recommend them?About how much do they cost? Thanks, Black n Blue.

Rekluse sells the TC balls. They are starting to accept that many of us with heavy flywheel motors need the TC balls. :naughty: On a YZ450 you would not need them to get the same engagement feathering. :naughty:

Indy is the 5 TC balls with the light spring vs the heavier one in the perch adjuster?

So why did you use the heavier spring instead of the light?

Thanks for your help, Jeff

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