fork help

i just bought a new to me 99 yz400. its such a great bike that i just had to see how far i could jump it, only to find out that about 9 inches through the front suspension travel there is a scratch in the fork tube. so when it goes into the slider, it makes a weep hole between the fork tube and oil seal. what can i get done, can a fork shop weld and repolish it, like they do with automobile crankshafts? please help, i dont want to buy a new set of forks! thanks in advance. -sean

You probely van get a pair of forks on ebay for around $100

Look into having a suspension shop re-plate the fork tube. It's usually cheaper than replacing the lower tube.

Depending on how big the defect is, you might be able to sand it out. Work it over with 280 or 320 wet/dry paper and some light oil. Sand in a cross-hatch pattern, spiraling over the bad spot in opposite directions. If you can get it to look a little better after a while, finish it with some 400 grit, clean it up and try it.

Worked for me.

thanks for the help, if anything i would need to get it replated, not sanded, because its actually a chip missing. ill call around as well as search ebay. thanks alot. -sean

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