New chain guide too tight for new Quadra chain.

I installed a EK Quadra-X Ring chain, a 520MVXZ. It is wider than a regular O Ring chain that came on the bike. I also fitted a new chain guide. The problem is :It's grinding off the chain rivet's heads from rubing on the inside of the guide because this guide too tight.

I had to put back on the old worn out chain guide to stop the grinding. I could always put the new guide on and wait til the rivets' heads groove their way in the guide. But I'm afraid the heads will be grounded down to the plates before this happens.

Is there an easy way to make more room in the guide for the wider chain ? Can it be done ?

Or is there a chain guide on the market for this wider chain ?

Next time I'll buy a chain I'll make sure it fits the guide !



I ran into the exact same problem......I replaced my chain and sprockets over the winter (DID 530VM) and replaced the stock chain guide with the TM Designworks guard. When I mounted it, it was way to tight against the chain. I checked around and found a Fredette guide that is 35mm wide, this should be more than wide enough to accommodate your chain. Moose also makes one, I bought theirs from Dennis Kirk. :naughty:

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