XR650R Rear Suspension Disassembly

I'm trying to do some preventative maintenance on the swingarm pivot bearings and install a kouba lowering link on my 2000 XR650R. The bike is new to me and I'm not sure how long it's been since it's been taken apart. I've gotten stuck on a couple of things:

1 - On the linkage, I've gotten the nut off the right side of the forward connecting bolt, but the bolt doesn't want to come out. I thought maybe it was threaded in from the left, but turning the bolt from the left side with a hex wrench didn't do anything. If it's just stuck, I'll get more aggressive and force it out, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

2 - On the swingarm pivot, my understanding is that the bolt should loosen like any other. I laid into it pretty hard with sockets on both sides with no success. I understand the need for the special spanner for the preload fitting, but that's a separate issue - correct? As with the linkage, I'm prepared to take more severe measures to break things loose, but don't want to overlook anything.

Thanks a bunch.

Yeah, the preload is a seperate issue and the Pig Pen can give you more details on making these tools if you want to go that route (http://www.xr650r.us/preload). Try to get some penetrating oil in there (WD40 is not a good penetrating oil). Try something like Kroil or PB Blaster or Schaeffers Penetro, etc, something that really works well. Let it sit for a while and do its thing and see if that helps before you get primal. You can also apply some heat, but be careful so as not to melt anything if you're using something that can puddle aluminum. I've also used a hammer drill on stuck bolts in the past with limited success by placing a bolt in the chuck and firmly pressing the bolt head in the drill chuck against the threaded shank of the stuck bolt. The rapid hammering action produced by the hammer drill can sometimes free things up, but more than likely the penetrating oil and some sharp blows will do the trick. Once you get your bolt out, chuck it up in a drill (poor mans lathe) and clean it up spickity span with some emery cloth.

Make sure you use a good 'waterproof' grease (not just water resistant) when you grease everything in the linkages. Be careful using a lithium based grease because even if it says its water proof, its probably not. Your local jobber store (i.e. Napa auto parts, etc) or your marine and boating supply shop will have something that's truly waterproof. I like Schaeffers 221 NGLI #2 aluminum complex moly grease for my steering head, swing arm and linkages, but there are other good greases to choose from if you look around.

While you're at it, remove your chain adjuster bolts if you can. Replace them if they're badly corroded and give them the anti-seize treatment whether they look fine or not.

While you're inspecting your linkage bearings, also check out your axle collars and replace any dust seals that look bad. Here's another link to read up on about axle collars... http://www.xr650r.us/collars

Thanks gadsan - after penetrating oil, propane torch, a few hammer blows and a length of pipe added to the wrench handle for leverage, it finally broke loose. I'm accustomed to working on my sportbikes, which I overhauled every year, so I've never seen anything like this - nasty. Oh well, I'm converting it to a pavement-only supermoto, so it shouldn't be this bad next time.

Order 2 extra dust seals for the swinging arm...theres a space for them but they`re not there from the factory...for all the price of them....

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