xr650r air box removal?

Anybody ever remove the air box from their XR650r and run a slip on cone type filter?

I only run my bike on the street “supermoto” so I’m not concerned about dirt.

Can any one see any problems with running the xr650r this way?

Have not done it myself, however I have read that drilling the side panel with holes and using a clean filter in the standard box is the preferred way.

I can't believe you don't let the pig play in the dirt. That's a crime...

I can't believe you don't let the pig play in the dirt. That's a crime...

I'll agree with you Tim, That is a shame........... :naughty:

To each his own,

Thanks for the help with the question

No problem!

No I personally haven't seen any direct fit aftermarket filters for the carb. I think you'd get just a much performance by performing the airbox cutout mods and still maintain good reliability. Plus you'd have to jet the hell out of that thing to make it functional. Furthermore with the airbox removal you'll lose all your mounting space for electricals and the mudguard. If you lose the mudguard your shocks gonna get all dinged up with rocks and tar. Seeing as you want to keep her pretty for the road I don't think that would work out for you. Just my $.02.

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