How quick are they?

well i know i will get flamed for all the posts about these not being drag bikes and all but for one thread please... shhh :naughty:

well my friend is just getting a 2003 yamaha R1 and thinks that it will be close racing like say an 1/8 mile

i am saying he will probably blow me away once he gets moving...

say we are both of equal skills on the line (we will be racing on cement up north... no chance of harm to bystanders) is it possible for me to take him even up to like the end of 2nd gear?

i have a 2004 yz450f will h ave a pipe by then... new airfilter... but otherwise stock

R1 all the way. I had a 1994 FZR1000. Way faster than the YZ. Especially on cement.

yeah i thought so... do ya think the 450 could even pull a few bike lengths ahead on the start?

i did race a 1996 fzr 600 i think and had him by a bunch until i topped out... i couldnt really see him until i topped out and then about 2 secs later he just flew by... but he wasnt that great of a driver... not BAD just not good...

Your bike sits at around 4.75 pounds per horsepower.

The '03 R1 is more like 2.7 pounds per horsepower, and can reach 85mph in an 1/8th mile with ease if you can ride it. (The new ones are at 2 lbs/hp :naughty: )

You figure it out.

Not even close, not even for 1 foot. With or without wheelspin the R1 will rocket away.

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