When the bad guys are the good guys

Talk about rock and a hard place... We all have a few names for the Sierra club, some of them are not fit for public use. And let me state that I'm a money contributing member of the Blue Ribbon Coalition (and everyone who rides should be as well!!). Where I live (S. FL), if you stand still too long in the woods, you'll find yourself under a condo. The rate of development is insane. The county wants to start a new bio-tech development (great!) but they want to ignore all the obviously good places in the city, and drop it on some farm land out west. Comissioners have personal vested interests in that land so any and all places that are better for the general population are voted down at every meeting (all of the development money has really tainted our government around here). This is bad news for many reasons. And as much as I hate tree huggers, many of them, including the Sierra Club, are now battling against the city in court to stop the development. So the big question is; what do you do when you suddenly find yourself standing on the same side as the people who you are normally fighting against? Stand and cheer, send money, be quiet because they might turn on you next...what to do!! ??? :naughty:

As my avatar suggests, the sierra club sucks. I remeber reading a while ago on like one of thier forums some of the things they were complaining about, and the totally retardted and ignorant posts of what they think of dirtbikes only incorage my hate towards them.

I don't care if they are on our side for one issue, there is about 30 other issues that they are agaisnt us on.

You continue to stand for YOUR principals. You will occasionally find yourself standing with some odd allies who momentarily want to advance or prevent the same thing as you, even if their reasons are different. It doesn't put you in their group, only WITH their group for the moment. Contribute directly to whatever gets closer to the result you want, not to other groups with differing agendas. Once the BRC and the Sierra Club have jointly stopped the developers, you can go back to fighting with them over how to use the undeveloped land. For now, you have a common enemy, and the more people standing with you the better.

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