05 YZ 450's in Action, (video)

Its the Thursday theater at transworld mx, but if you have not seen it already, its footage of Chad Reed, Tim Ferry, and David Vuillemin practicing on the new Fo fiddy's. I thought it was a cool vid and that it belonged in here with you Yamaha big bore thumper riders, rather than the video/picture section.

Anyways, vola, here it is...

Transwolrd Motocross Video, YZ 450's

P.S. The begining does not start out with Yamahas, but keep watching and after like 15 seconds it gets pretty sweet. :naughty:

sweet! Glad i watched this....as I am heading out the door to go ride Texoma MX with Kirtwell !! D:D:D

Chad Reed is fricken fast!

Is it me or does Tim Ferry seem like he's waisting away his ride at Yamaha by riding the 2smoke?? The guy rides the 4 strokers so well like he's made for them......What a shame:(

Chad Reed is fricken fast!

Yeah, did you see him get passed by a guy on a stock KX250?

soooo slow :naughty::naughty:

man I wish I could ride that fast and smooth as those guys do.

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