Cam Mods

I ride mostly trails tight stuff. This year I put a 13frt 51rear sprocket and new mich s12 on it, which works great I want more power and was told doing a cam mod was good idea. After re shimming my valves I realized how easy it would be to do a cam change I looked at hot cams but the only ones I could find would lose a little bit of low end and that is not an option. my question is on my 04 450 what would be the best cams to use and has anybody done this. It seems to be cheaper than a big bore kit how does it compair. and will it make a huge difference or not.

There is a ton of info on this subject. Do a search for cam mod or look at the two stickies at the top of this forum.

Yes - the 450 cam mod gives you more low to mid pull and it is worth every penny

It depends on what you want to accomplish. Most anything in the way of a camshaft that would increase the power of an '04 YZ450 will probably subtract from the low rpm torque and rideability in the tighter sections you like to play in. Going to something like a WR cam will improve your low end, but at the expense of peak power. Changing the valve timing, either by reindexing the cam sprockets or by changing the cams tends to move power from one rpm range to another.

OTOH, a big bore kit simply gives you a bigger engine that acts just like the one you have now. The power increase is equal across the board.

Sorry Trees4traction I read you post wrong. I though your were looking at the 450 cam mod for a 400 or 426.

I am wondering what you mean when you say - "I need more power?" I am riding a YZ426 in the tight trails and have to much power -- not being able to get the rear wheel to hook up. I am guessing at 13/51 on a 450 that you have so much wheel spin that you can't seem to hook up either. I think you need more power to the ground, in which case you need heavier flywheel.

Check out these links

I am a big guy and have barley any wheel spin except your expected I want just a little more with out compromising the snappiness that the 04 is known for. Dint get me wrong I think that the bike is fast but I was going to originally going to by a 525. It has been a year since I have owned the bike and am getting used to it. thanks for the input about the fly wheel but that is not what I am looking for what I think I would have to do is just buy the big bore kit.

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