Yamaha Blue Paint

Does anyone know where to pick up so Yamaha Blue Paint to touch up my frame before I put on some frame guards and skid plate.

PJ1 makes all of the frame paint colors. You can pick it up from almost any dealer or at www.rockymountainmc.com

I just painted my last week. Look very close to the original color

What steps do you take prior to laying down the first coat of paint (prime, sand,…..?).


03 450

I just used a scotts pad and then steel whool to clean up the rust and roughen up the painted area. Painted a small spot to test and it seem to sick well? I suppose a 800 to 1000 sand paper would also work

A company called Color-Rite makes touch up in spray cans and "felt" tip paint pens wih the correct color. It is called Yamaha Deep-Purpilish Blue----this is right off the paint pen.

I used PJ1 on my 426 and it works great. The color is VERY close...no problems

If you only needed to touch up minor chips in the paint, Triumph Motorcycles have a genuine paint pen (Sapphire Blue) that is unpickable from Yamaha YZ/WR frame paint. It is a Sprint ST colour from a couple of years ago. Any Triumph dealer should be able to help. They come in a twin pack, one paint pen is whatever colour you need, the other is a clear coat. :naughty:

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