Fitting newer WR/YZ wheels on 98 WR400f

Newbie question: I understand that the rear wheel from a newer WR/YZ won't fit my '98. Has anyone had any experience with what it would take to fit one? Am I correct that a newer front is the same? A second set of wheels with street oriented tires for my dual-sported WR would make my day.

the rear hub and the axel on the 98 are different compare to 00 onwards. in order to get it fit with the newer wheels.. replace your swingarm and rear axel

as for the front hub, any year can be interchangeable.. you only need to find the right spacer for it..

do a seach on "wheels' and you find more anwsers to your question..


I don't think a 99> axle will fit a 98 swingarm.

You may need to replace the whole swingarm, or at least the adjuster blocks.

Make sure the axle will fit before buying the wheels.

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