04 YZ450 Oversprung??

I Weigh 165 without gear and was wonderin if my 450 is oversprung for me? It does feel real tall in turns but on the rest of the track its awsome. The local suspension guy who does a lot of work for the local pro's told me that it was oversprung for my weight and height :naughty:

I called Enzo and they told me the exact opposite. Stock springs are perfect for me and they just needed to adjust the valving.

The local guy does a ton of work and everyone is really happy with it. Both of them want about the same to do the mods, local is about $75 cheaper plus no UPS.

So what do you guys think :D:naughty:

Not oversprung for your weight, I am 155lbs w/ no gear and it still feels like it might need to be stiffer, however I ride aggressively and prefer aggressive setups. I think the stock springs are light to begin with, you may want to consider revalving. I moved my forks up in the triple clamps 5mm to help with the steering and it does make a difference, w/ little or no effect on "headshake" that often occurs with other bikes the yz 450 is a straight line fortress. The yz 450 is a top heavy feeling bike when bone stock, work with it and you can compensate of it. If you still find it difficult to steer after moving forks up in the triple clamps, you can always swap out the shock linkage for a storm, however when you do this move your forks back to the stock setting, if not the bike may "headshake" really bad with those two setups together. Just my thoughts good luck and turn in early and hammer down keep them elbows up! :naughty:

I agree with Enzo -

Is a revalve that noticeable or just a lot of hype?????

Most all late YZ's from the 125 up are built sprung for riders in the 160-170 pound range.

Dune, depends who does it, but if the suspension shop is at least competent, you see a definite difference in a revalve.

However, getting the spring rate right is the single most important thing you can do to your suspension.

What are the stock spring rates for the forks and shocks on an 04 YZ450

look on racetech.com

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