New "05 WR450...Now What?

My buddie just brought home his new WR.

What should he do first for free, in order of importance, to maximize the performance?

Next, what protection items do you like the best?

Thanks fellas!

Do a search for Free Mods. There is a ton of info on the WR's free mods, Grey Wire, air box, throttle stop etc......

Get a skid plate, pipe and rejet w/ a JD Jetting Kit after you remove the AIS-and make sure you do remove that garbage. The bike will rip! Congrats to your buddy for buying blue! :naughty:

90% of what is in the 250F FAQ is directly applicable to your new 450F as well. be sure to check out the swingarm and linkage greasing sections under maintenance...

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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