finally got my SI rear today!!

this thing looks awesome the 120/100-18 is huge! measures 5.60" not too tall as i was afraid. super deep, wide lugs(i wouldn't want to ride bihind this thing) the only problem is the ol' trelleborg still has a few good rides in it! its life may be cut short though :naughty: probly put it on in may sometime,already have the SI front,can't say enough about it. sticks to everything,they are supposed to be designed to run together,aughta be awesome :naughty:

Just put on Maxxis Desert IT front and rear, hard as a rock with superthick sidewalls, will see how they last in the rocky desert I ride in, The dez chewed up those Dunlops in no time.

ya i don't think the SI would be a good desert tire,its more in tune with the east coast woods,mud,rocks,roots etc. same compound and carcass as the regular IT,man i'll bet that desert IT is one tough mutha :naughty:

I love my SI front tire the knobs are starting to chunk after 1200 miles. I am going to throw on another front! I cant wait to try the rear. Give us a ride report as soon as possible NCMountainman! :naughty:

its temting to end the trellie's life early but man i'm kinda curious to see how long it'll go! it's got around 600 mi on it and its barely half used up. how long does a front usually last ya dan? my SI front has about 500 mi on it and still has the little titties (barely) on the knobs. not really any chunking maybe a couple tiny chips. still as good as new. did you run some hard rocky stuff or do you think thats about the life span? worth it any way you look at it as far as i'm concerned :naughty:

its temting to end the trellie's life early
End it! Save it for another day. Put the new one on and give us a full report man. :naughty: Make sure and roost your buddies right away so they can give you a full report as well. :naughty:

man your brutal, alright i'll see about putting it on before i go ride on weds. IMO the trelleborg tenmaster is gonna be one tough cookie to beat as far as all'round traction and longevity. i kinda hate to pull the plug on it. i weighed the new beast and its 13.2 lbs thats about .4 lbs heavier than the trellie but its at least a 1/2" wider and the knobs are alot deeper :naughty:

Sounds like a mini Tera-Flex? Like I said the SI front is incredible but I will save it for you to look at on our Carter Mountain trip. I will have a new SI front on by then. The SI knobs are cracking at the base especially on the edge knobs. The tips of the knobs seem to last with only a few small occasional chunks. I put the SI on new for the first weekend in February at Carter mountain. I think with the rocky, rooty, muddy terrain riding for the last 1200 miles in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia ( I used my other wheel with the MT18 for New Mexico and Moab last month) it has survived very well. I think I can get 1500 miles out of the front. If it were not so rocky The tire might last 3,000 miles. The knob height is still excellent. The tire still has excellent grip. Great product!!!! :naughty:

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