Need Advice on YZ426.

I am new to bike maintenance and im just wondering about a few things. I have a 2000 YZ 426 and I love everything about it. First off, how does Transmission oil work on my bike? Is the engine oil and Transmission oil the same thing? And I think my water pump may be dead, it feels like it is overheating a lot, how can i know for certain? Any feedback would be awesome!!

You sound like you need a manual.

The transmission and engine use the same oil supply, and the oiling system is a dry sump type, in which the oil is carried in the frame's built in oil tank, pumped through the engine and returned.

Search this forum for a link to a 426 manual in PDF.

Thanks alot guys this manual will help a lot!

Is it overheating or are you trying to ride it slowly as in trails? It is a motocross bike and has a very small cooling capacity, if left at idle sittiing even for a few minutes, the pipe will glow red and it will puke some coolant. That is common.

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