New chain & sprocket help.

I bought a 14 CS & a 48 rear to put on my XRL. I've been putting it off til I could afford a new chain and I got that today so I have a few questions.

Whats the best procedure for installing a new chain. I got a 120 and have to cut it down to make it fit. My dealer said to deffinetly get the 120 when changing sprockets just in case you need the length.

Also, I'll be swapping front sprockets quite a bit for highway riding and need to be able to compensate for that. Should I set the adjusters near half when starting out to have room to adjust for stretch and sprockets?

You got it! :naughty:

Just remember when you take a link out, it is almost like taking two links out. You have to remove the male and female parts. Leave as much chain as possible.

Best way is to run the chain through the front sprocket and then meet the two ends across the the back of the rear sprocket. :D

Hope this makes sense.


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