Hey guy's I have a question, this time not about my XR, but maybe some of you can guide or comment.

My father is about to purchase a 4 wheeler: 300 Artic cat, year 2000, 4x4. Aprox 400 miles.

Any reason he should not buy it, I dont know much about Artic Cat Quad.



IMO Artic cat are pretty good products........

The last 4 wheeler I had was Artic cat, 3 years of good service

I've heard good about the Artic Cats as well. Our county's fleet manager (a client of mine) speaks pretty highly of them. After seeing how well they did in the fleet he bought one for himself (he also has a couple of Honda Fourtax quads).

Dont know much about them, but this should be in a different forum. You would get more informative responses by a wider group by posting where it should be....

not being a wise guy, but I have modded several sites for many years, and these are the things that keep ya busy, moving stuff to proper areas.

Hope Dad gets a good ride.

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