Flag mount

Anybody found a clean flag whip mount for the WR 450? I see only one exhaust bolt so I'm not sure how I would mount.


:naughty: I just emailed them. I'm only 100 miles from Roseburg, so they are basically in my back yard. In fact, on the way to the dunes.

Thanks Kincade!

you could try Flickwhips.com as well..

I looked at flickwhips too, but I didn't wanna drill a hole in my fender! They look good too though.

It's for my wife's bike and when I mentioned drilling the fender, you coulda heard a pin drop. Pacific it is!



I didn't like the flag mounts that are offered. I especially don't like the ones that attach to the back of the swingarm (the flag pole eventually gets sucked in by the tire). So, I made a flag mount for 2004 WR450.


billetware I think, like the flick

billetware I think, like the flick

huh? :excuseme:

I have one from Hines Racing Fabrication (HRF). It works GREAT! Check them out, they have a couple designs.

billetware is a brand like flip

k thanks

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