05 steering geometry??

did the 05's change anything with offset and such or are they the same? i'm planning on getting one next month and was wondering if i should get the RG3 23mm offset clamps for the tight woods i ride. the 04 yz frame was the same as my 04 wr frame and it turns very slowly,i think the new 23mm would be a good 'happy medium',... watchya think? i'm gonna try it stock first but just wanted to know if it was changed or not. and yes i know this machine is not set up for the woods ,but all of my parts will transfer(most anyhow) and i'm going to have the suspenders done, put in the rekluse ,lower the gearing a little,the +7 gyt-r flywheel,p-bomb w/p-core4,p-now,and boyesen acc pump cover. it oughta be alright? hey one more thing,'greyracer' you might be able to help with this one? if i raised one tooth in the rear of the yz(14/52) how would the 05 gears compare (1st thru 4th) to the same gears on my 04 wr(14-50)? i'm hoping that yz 1st with the 52 will be between 1st-2nd on the wr, and yz 4th will be a little taller or at least the same?......thanx ,bob

I have not heard or read anything about changes to the steering geometry.

I am running the offset RG3's. Night an day difference in cornering. No adverse affects on high speed stability. Corners much better now.

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