A new XL owner happy to be here.

Hello All. Ive been lurking here for the last few months while looking for a bike. Ive been in need of a reliable dual sport to teach my wife to ride and to give me somthing to bang around the neighborhood and farm roads.

So I found a '83 XL600R that was up to date on state inspection and still plated. Seems like it's in a good enough shape and only needs a little TLC.

So the first question I have is looking for links to OEM or aftermarket parts for this bike. Specifically I need a speedo cable and a shop manual.

Thanks all, and I'll post some first wife training pics later today.

I'm in the same boat. Just got an '84 XL600R, 4k miles, really nice. It came with the service manual so if you need some info, send me mail and I'll look it up. I'm going to want to know about larger tanks, passenger footpeg mounts (other than the swingarm mounted ones). Oh...and I definitely need to swap sprockets to get a higher top speed/cruising speed.

Let me know if you find a good source of model specific information.


As A Proud Owner Of An '83 And '86 Xl600r, I Constantly Watch Ebay.com For Parts And Aftermarket Stuff. They Have Manuals, Clarke Tanks, Parts, Engines, Frames And Just About Anything. Hope This Helps!

Hey all, just joined. Have been riding my '83 XL600R since 1985. Has always been a great bike, and faster than newer 650s (lighter, better handling). Does anyone know where to get a front disk caliper rebuild kit, or perhaps a used caliper? My caliper hangs up when I use it, and I know it's missing its dust seals from previous attempts at fixing it.

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