Tires: Wide vs Narrow?

Hi guys,

I'm currently looking into buying a new rear tire.. so I'm just wondering if anyone has some opinions/advice about wide tires verses the standard ones - eg - 130/80 versus 100/100.

Is one of them better for mud or rock? Turning?

I recently went with a Maxxis Max Cross IT 110*100/18 on mine. I'm not sure if the size you mentioned will fit in the swing arm. The 110/100 fits fine and gives the back end some more stability especially in cornering situations. I also went with the bigger size to offset the change created by using a 13t front sprocket.

I am using 752 Dunlop 110x100 - 18 and it is rockin. I am using stock gearing and it works pretty darn good. I am not sure about that other size you listed there ...

I would be more concerned with tread pattern and compound than size. You can only get a limited amount of tire contact to the riding surface. The Maxxis-IT has a good reputation for wear but I've found it lacks gripping power on hard packed surfaces. Good in loose stuff.

Ride on


I use a TeraFlex 150/80 rear tire, it has the best traction for every condition, and slides less in turns than any tire I have tried so far.

MY bike came with a 120/100, I noticed some rub marks, but nothing serious. When it was time for a new tire I went with a 110/100 Maxxis IT. The stock size is 110/100. The Maxxis is very popular here in Arizona where rock and sand are the norm. We run them at 10 lbs until they break in because they're pretty stiff.

I usually use the Millville 110/100. It seems to grip good in rocks, sand and just plain dirt.

Thanks for all the input guys.. I see the word hardpack mentioned here and there.. but what is hardpack?

Actually, stock is 100X100X18. Hardpack is just what is sounds like. Hard dirt that is packed down from the elements and people riding on it until it is almost like baked hardened dirt.

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