Exhaust Kits

Hi guys Im looking for a new exhaust kit for my CRF 150 and was wondering what the best king of exhaust is the best thanks for any help.


my personal preferance is the dmc alien www.dmc-on-line.com


the white brothers r-4 i like to be different so i wont mention the bbr that everyone praises and im biased against fmf since everyone and there brother has one. im still trying to decide between the dmc and r-4 all comments and help please pm me

It kinda depends what you want out of you pipe and what you want to use it for. If you want the best pipe you can get for racing application, then you need to fork out some cash for a "one off" Dave Miller stainless meg system. It will cost you about $500, but on the race track it will out perform any production pipe. If you want a ride trails and occasional track riding, then get a production pipe. BBR, DMC, White Bros. etc. They are all pretty good.

BBR is the best in my personal opinion. It adds a whole lot of need power thoughout most of the range. Great torque also. You can't go wrong with it!!!!

"Dr. D", or DMC, or R4


I would go with a Pro-Circuit exhaust.

FMF powercore4

Big Gun Race ... very inexpensive here on TT.

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