Sunday Ride at Georgetown, anyone up for a good 60 mile loop?

I wanted to find out if anyone is planning on going up to Georgetown tomorrow. I supposed to go today but my back is still sore. I am planning on riding darling ridge to the water crossing, out to ballarat, and around bald mountain. Let me know if your up for it? Coldcase if you read this and can go ring me up! :naughty:

I might want to go. Ill let you know.

I did suck water last weekend at the water crossing BTW :naughty:

My oil looked like chocolate milk :naughty: Hopefully I didnt sluff off too much clutch material.

Oh ya...what time? Sleeping in is important you know :naughty:

Ive been werkin my arse off lately and need my beauty sleep :naughty:

Man that sucks you took in water, I should check to see if i did as well. That was some deep Sh%t. Anytime works for me, just have to be done around 3pm. Let me know if your up for it, fingers crossed that they dont close the area.

Hows about I show you around FH tomorrow? Id bet they shut down GT. Its been raining steady here since last night. GT is 9 miles from my house as a crow flies.

We could do a good loop up there. Maybe meet at 10:00 at my place. We can stage close to town and get more riding in.

Let me run it by the wife first. She may veto this bill :naughty:


Keep us posted CISCO. I may be up for either. I would like to get some more time in at GT before the Fools Gold next weekend if it is not shut down tomorrow. But, I would ride FH as an alternate.

I'm still planning on there being a race next weekend at this point. We'll just have to wait and see how the rain goes this week.

Hey :D

Just got back from Foresthill...Nice and muddy :D Slippery as heck, but still very good.. :naughty: After a couple days of drying, will be the best conditions of the year :naughty: Anyone want to play hooky around Thursday?

You guys are killing me!! :naughty::naughty:

I've had the flue for the past 3 days :D can't ride - can't go to the gym :D not good before a enduro!! :cry: I gotta go back to bed now. :D


Ok Jason Ill let you know. Im planning on the Fools Gold too, but the weather does not lok to be in our favor. I can put together a good loop for tomorrow.

Buick??? Whats your thoughts...

Rode Georgetown with gcherry today. Conditions were loamy awesome everywhere, some slimey spots on trail 4 heading up to BM and some of the deep loam was caking up a bit. No rain till noon, then only intermittant. the USFS Ranger John Jue does not expect it to rain much tonight. My bet is GT will be open tomorrow. very few riders today.

saw Jon Jue at mace mills and talked about things, then Jon asked me and glen to pre ride some new trails to compact the soils some.........We got to ride a real nice double secret triple wide new quad hi-way trail that links up mace mills with The middle of the 8s over at rock creek road....super pretty trail down and up thru a canyon with a quality concrete and rubber matted new rampart across rock creek set up so the flow is like only 6" deep acroos it...very pretty crossing.

3rd gear climb outs on both side of the creek. Then we got on the new 4 - and stumbled on to some more new ish trails, opened at one end enduro stuff I guess, just me and glen exploring all sort of new trails just doing our job :D

I suppose I could come out to GT and show you enduro guys around, but then I may get in trouble..being these are double secret trails :D

Jon said the new trails will open up late spring early summer. :naughty::naughty: even though that new link from Mace mills to the 8s on rockcreek is a triple wide ATV trail as aJon called it, still its is set up for some Fun riding....will make coming back to mace mills after a long east side trail day very nice fun, easy and Fast...... no more riding the road back to 3-1, just hop on the new quad hi-way trail and Haul ass

so? I guess you guys either gave up or made your own ride.

I was thinking maybe by tomorrow afternoon like 2 pm the dirt will tack up some.

Bob those new trails sound good. I'm in for a GT ride tomorrow. I suspect CISCO may have other plans after speaking with the wife. I was thinking about heading out of Sac about 8am. Mace Mills Staging at 10am...sound good? Sorry for the late post I was out in the garage wrenching. I'm pretty sure I've spent about as much time working on the WR as riding it so far.

CISCO if you see this give me a call in the morning. I got your message at 9:30 pm, did not know how late I could call your house...didn't want to wake anyone.

Na, Im riding at some point tomorrow. Just dont know when exactly. Couldnt get ahold of Buick tonight. We may firm things up in the AM. Im thinking of taking off at around 10 or 11.

it's gonna be slipery, but what the hell. Tomorrow is sunday and what is a po boy pose to do? but to Ride the Wolf! :naughty::naughty: 3 day ride wekend last week and a 3 dayer this weekend. Where is the iron man superslyco.....probably in bed - he needs the beauty rest. :D

I'm game for a 10 am stage time at mace Mills, foresthill will be too slimey for my taste, but GT give the dirt time tonight to soak up some water, it maybe be fun. I'll check back in the morning Mj. We should call the hot line make sure today's rain did not closed GT down. I'll do that tonight.

Bob, sounds good. Can we make it 10:30? Post if you find out that GT is closed on the recording, in which case, I guess we'll go to FH (or not). Talk to you in the morning Zac and we'll firm up a plan. :naughty:

Georgetown eastside is closed, westside trails are open. I assume that recording is fresh late today as both east and west were open this morning. Westside is only loop 3, the Mace Mills loop and Darling ridge loop 2 about 25 miles total.

the number is 530 333 4312. 10;30 sounded good, I would have gone earlier but hey its wet out there. If you two want more miles then Fh is probably a better place.........ill check here in the morning again.

I am game for that 25 miles at GT though if you decdie on that.......but FH will be too slimey greasy tomorrow, I bet, for this slow old C- rider :naughty:

Im gonna run FH. Im not up for riding loop 3 at GT over and over :naughty:

If you uys wanna join lemme know.

I'm out. hope to see you guys next week at the fools gold still don't know what I'm doing or where yet.

Ya hopefully it doesnt rain delay. That would really blow. Hope to see you there next Sunday Bob. I need miles under my belt today. Im not in shape for 90 miles........

HHHHmmmmm. Bob makes it sound like it is going to b a mucky slime hole at FH today. I could go do a three hour bicycle ride and do more for my fitness instead of slogging around in the mud and trashing the WR...

How do you think it is going to be CISCO? I'm on the fence.

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