My bike was stolen last night...

Hey guys, it is a crappy thing to wake up and have your ride stolen but that is exactly what happened to me today.

I doubt the bike will be used for street use but think that it will be used as someone's track toy, so if you see this bike on the tracks and get close enough to give it a look over my VIN is ZCGSM45064V001003. The bike was too new to have any distinctive scratches or anything (just finished break-in) but if you do see it please email me or call me at 604.576.6538 (call collect if you want).




that really sucks, i hate thieves with a passion....

Talk about feeling violated, i sure it makes you sick..

It probly wont make it this far, But every time i hear of a theft on TT i keep my eyes open for the same, Ya just never know.........

Hope the thieves are found and castorated.........

sorry i'll keep my eyes and ears open.....

Sorry to hear about your bike man, that is a beautiful machine. I'm sure there wouldn't be too many of them getting around, hopefully someone will notice it, and it will find it's way back to you. Good luck.

PS, I had my RM stolen when I was a kid, I know how you must be feeling.....

isnt this the second bike you had stolen?

suxx.. to hear that...

Sorry to hear your bad news. I know the feeling very well. My XR400 was stolen this past tuesday, terrible cold ,sick to your stomach feeling. Fortanately Quick action and good luck they arrested the guy yesterday and recovered my bike. My advise is tell everybody to look out for it and ask everybody you know if they have told anybody about your bike, chances are it's somebody close by. Keep your hopes up and don't give up.

That really sucks. I hope you you get it back in the same condition. I also hope they find the low life that stole it and give you 5 minutes alone with him...

Thanks for the support all, it is my second stolen bike although my DRZ SM was stolen because I went out drinking with some friends after a lacrosse game and left my bike at the arena. Plus I was in an unfamiliar town, far away from home. This time my Husky was stolen right from my house, which is so much worse.

I am hoping for a recovery, I have plastered a lot of forums to get the word out and I am posting reward signs around my neighbourhood. There are only 3 such bikes here in BC so it is a rare one and I am hoping I can get the word out there enough to at least make it very difficult for the thieves. If it is recovered, it should be OK as I had just changed the oil and filter and it was running pretty fantastic. :naughty:

Someone should patent an explosive anti-theft device. If the bike is started without the special key, it explodes.

Oh, and those damn thieving Canadians. You should move south of the border where it's safe.

You should move south of the border where it's safe.

....haha :D:naughty::naughty:

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