canadian 400

Hey guys (first time poster) I have a 02 400exc (canadian) it runs great but I was just curious if there are any improvements that can be made in carburation?. Ive heard the canada bikes are ok....AL

About the only thing I can suggest is a long air screw that you can easily adjust. If you like the stock jetting use it. Much of the advice you get here and on KTM talk is the jetting which works in a certain area such as california or texas. I dont know where you are in CA but I have ridden in Ontario and my NNJ/NE/PA jetting works perfectly. It is 100% stock with a long airscrew. Now if you do other mods such as an exhaust or intake or whatever you may need to change. My suggestion is to leave it stock and work on the suspension. If you feel you must have more power use a QUIET pipe such as a Leo Vince or Akrapovik. Get something 94db or less (preferably less). btw dont miss the Crystal Lake Trail Ride in Ontario near Bobcaygeon.

ok now i are in Michigan with a canadian bike. Well the jetting should still be ok. Old saying if it aint broke dont fix it. Save your money.

Yeah, stock jetting was good in 02 except for the "G" bikes that went to California. In 03, all the USA EXC/MXC bikes (and maybe all North American bikes) got the lean "G" jetting.

oops, ya I live in mich. I have put the long screw in, just havnt rode yet(shoulder surgery last march) cant ride till june or july(or so the doc says). This is my first KTM and Ill never go back what a sweet bike!, I came off from blue and I must say the susp. on the blue bikes was much better but Im willing to deal with it I just have to get it dialed in. thanks....AL

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