Which bike?

I am thinking of foregoing my minis and getting a big bike to do trail riding, some motocross for fun and dual purpose. Any recommendations from the chicks? I'm a little wary I won't like a bike where my feet can't touch the ground but want enough power to ride dunes if wanted.

Opinions appreciated!

If you want my humble (kinda newbie) opinion.... I would say it depends on what kind of riding you want to do and your height. My first bike when I got back into riding was/is a CRF150 ~ I'm only 5'4". But I had to make some mods to a) get some power and :naughty: keep it from 'pogo-ing' (front end being squishy). I put a new BBR pipe, had it rejetted and put in a stiffer front spring. New handlebars too. And that all adds up dollar wise. After riding that for a year I got a CRF250R but again, had to make a bunch of mods to lower it (Kuba link, revaluving, seat etc) Hope this helps ya

THat helps for sure. I am 5'6 and and after monkeying with the minis to get them rideable, I think I'd like an out of the box solution so I don't spend all my time modding and actually get to ride more.

What about a Honda 230f? Any opinions on that?

Personally that bike is about the same height as the CRF250 and I may be wrong here.... but I believe it has an engine similar to the CRF150 ~ I heard that they may be phasing out both the CRF150 and the 230.... they are kinda like the old XR200 series bikes. If you look at the frames and the motors side by side with a CRF250 or 450 you'd notice the difference. My 150 is actually 9-10lbs HEAVIER than my 250 ! And it is a much smaller frame. The frames of the 150 and 230 are made of a different construction and metal, whereas the 250 is aluminum I think. Damn, don't quote me here. All I know is I hear that they may be coming out with a version of the CRF250's that is more along the lines of a 100-150

You may want to look at an 85 two-stroke. Kinda hard to get used to but the frame size would be right and I heard all the time that I should have looked at that bike when I got my 150. I bought my first bike on my own and didn't have a clue. It's been a great bike and I rode it yesterday on the trails. Works great! But I have a feeling that they may be coming up with something better for '06. Again, that 150 has a heavy engine and frame.... the 230 is from what I hear, basically the same bike but bigger and with an electric start. I didn't get the 230 because it was too tall for me.

A lot of the girls here have the 230's and you may want to ask them. But personally, I want a small and light bike. And I don't think they really have a four stroke made for us yet ! ! ! ! We're 'in-betweeners' :naughty:

The CRF250 is taller than the 230 but the CRF250 is lighter. So what do you ride now....a 50? Keep in mind that you can lower any bike if you need to. Try doing a search, there have been many posts on bikes; infact, Firecracker did a good break down on some of the different bikes.

The CRF230 should have enough power to have fun on. The motor is mellow and smooth. The upsides of the 230 is it's lower seat height, reliable smooth motor, low matenance, e-start, and decent ergos. The downsides are the non-adjustable suspension (to me, this is its biggest downside), the bike is heavy for its engine displacement, the motors is mellow for my taste.

If you went with the XR250 you would get a bike with close to the same weight, with more power, and much better suspension than the 230. You can always make a bike lower. If you went with a CRF250 R or X, you would get top of the line suspension and breaks with a punchy high reving motor that will require valve frequent valve checks and a bit closer attention.

You have to ask yourself...what do I want in a bike? I started on an XR which I loved, until I wanted more. The more different bikes I rode the more I new what I liked and didn't like. Is price a factor? Just keep researching and you will find the right bike for you. :naughty:

Also, if you get a bike that you think is too tall just give yourself some time to get used to it. Especially coming off of pit bikes, anything will seem different. I'm 5'5" and ride a 125, I don't even think about it and just lean the bike over a little bit. Just my .02, I'd recommend a 250F but I only ride tracks.

I'm 5'7" so I'm almost able to comfortably touch the ground on a fullsize. I rode an XR200 for a year and I'm still not quite sure if it was a valuable learning experience, or a soft cushy ride that made me learn bad habits. Riding the fullsize certainly took some getting used to. It depends on how steep a learning curve you are comfortable with. If you don't mind dealing with a tough first few rides, go two stroke; the little 85s or KX100s are the perfect size and super light, but they take a lot more control. You'd get it, it just takes a while. The TTRs and CRFs and all the little thumpers that are 125s and 150s are heavier but softer and smoother.

It's up to you--everybody has a different style and preference. DEFINITELY test ride anybody and everybody's bikes that you can, even if you have no intention of buying one--it gives you a better knowledge base to compare other models to.

There aren't a lot of people out there who would say no to a quick test ride in an open area.

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