powercore for my S ?

Hi guys

I was hoping you could help me out as I'm looking for a new pipe. I have a FMF powerbomb header on my S and a Q silencer. Thing is the other day I fell and the muffler looks real bad also I like to hear the thumper sound. The Q is just to quiet for my taste. I'm leaning towards the powercore as it will problaly fit my header and it should be louder than the Q ? Any other pipes I should check out ? Basicly I'm looking for something that will bark a bit :naughty: but still be ok for street use, in other words something between a Q and a full race pipe. Apreciate any info !

I have the power core 4 on my S it sounds great. Sort of loud but I like it that way because it attracts the attention of other drivers while I'm on the street. I bought min from TT Store.

Oh yeah it's a whole lot louder and I'm pretty well deaf. You'll hear this one I guarantee you. prairiedawg :naughty:

Cool thanks. Think I will go for the Powercore then.

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