Bar Mounts....Whoa

Just FYI, guys(and I hope this is not a repost)...

Check you lower bar mounts.. I was attemping to install some hand guards(FW's) yesterday and noticed as I removed the stock Top bar clamp, that the handlebars fit VERY LOOSE in the lower bar clamps- to the point in which they actually wiggle around within the clamps- this is not right and I have never seen anything thike this on any bike or aftermarket.. I will be replacing these asap, and this could be why a few guys have experianced breakage of the bar clamps.. With top and bottoms and bar installed it is solid enough, but its not getting a 360* contact points as it should and therefore be a concern for safety... so check them(the top seems to fit fine, its the lowers that don't cardle the bar tightly)

BTW- who makes aftermarket bar clamps for the 450?


RG3 makes some killer clamps man. I had the same findings on my bike!

I got the RG-3 4-post mounts. Mounted in the forward position as I am 6'4.

They are great.

If you don't mind me askin where did you get your RG3 clamps and for how much?

Guys I am an rg3 dealer so If you would like a deal let me know!

Flyn Ryan

ck out that thread that Steve linked to. I broke my top one piece bar mount clamp. Its a POS!! Plain and simple. I bought the fastway clamp and it is great and strong I might ad. Raced this weekend and got in a first turn pile up. The Fastway bar mounts held up great. Unfortuantely, the stock mounting bolt didnt. If you just want to change the bar mount, the Fastway product is a great choice.

Call RG3. 714-630-0786. I was in there last week. Nice Guys.

I get my stuff from The Racers Edge in Simi CA.

I have been told that they are discontinuing the yellow-greenish anodizing color. Not enough orders. They have some left so if this is your color grab em.

If not red looks good on Suzook's too. I have the yellow-green version.

Cannot tell you about the retail. I think about 260 or so.

Worth every penny even though I did not pay that much.

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